Hardstone objects of the Imperial Peterhof Factory were top ranking imperial gifts and, as such, were extremely revered. Every detail of IPF watches embodies this legacy, making them worthy of an imperial gift!
The stone ring: Like the decorative stone objects that were made by the Imperial Peterhof Factory, the stone ring of the watch can be made in different stones. Each stone has its own colors, markings and properties, thus making your watch absolutely unique.
The 41 mm case is presented in 18 karat red, yellow or white gold, thus giving the possibilty to choose the color that matches best with the stone that you like. It has a refined inverted curve on both sides. A stone (cut from the same block as the stone ring) is set in the elegant Russian style crown.
The front and back glass are in sapphire. The special construction of the back sapphire glass ensures a spectacular view on the stone ring, the mechanism and the hand-engraved rotor.
The face of the watch: the dial and hands are strict and elegant to give the watch an understated classic style and to hilight the beauty of the stone ring that surrounds them.
The movement is fully manufactured in Peterhof, using traditional machinary and processes. It's 18 000 beats/hour allow you to have a spectacular view on the oscillation of the balance wheel and on the "breathing" of the hairspring. Each movement, with 24 rubis stones, is hand decorated and rodhium plated. It has an average rate of -5/15 s/d.
The bi-directional winding rotor doubles the efficiency of the watch's self-winding complication. The 18 karat gold rotor is hand engraved with a double headed eagle and with your initials or coat of arms in the center. The wide span of its wings (broader than the diameter of the movement itself) gives a beautiful view of the eagle in flight!
The assembly of the watch: Each movement and watch is fully assembled and adjusted by one single watchmaker to guaranty the best quality. The assembled watch is then submitted to 4 weeks of rigourous testing before it can be delivered.
The alligator strap, also hand made in Saint Petersbourg, is presented in different colors. The deployment clasp, assembled out of 22 components, is made out of the same gold as the one chosen for the case. It has a sophisticated push-button security system. The crown that folds over the clasp is the symbol of the "Imperial Peterhof Factory" and adds a discreet touch of elegance to the watch.
The leather box is entirely hand made using traditional carftmanship skills. It is classic but with assymetrical lines, giving it an interesting and unconventional beauty.